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Sao Jose-001 Sao Jose-001 Sao Jose-001 Sao Jose-001 Sao Jose-001 Sao Jose-001
Fazenda (+/- 313 acres) Negotiable
  • Reference:Sao Jose-001
  • Bedroom(s):0
Property description

This "Fazenda" covers 313 acres of the Brazilian Mata Atlantica (Forest and wooded area). The Brazilian Mata Atlantica has one of the largest bio-diversities on the planet. Approximately 20 acres can be used to build on and the rest is preserved. This land is situated in the south of Bahia and has many species of trees, plants, birds and animals, some of which can only be found in this region. Also, there are many small rivers, streams and natural springs.

Due to all this, it is ideal for investment in either rural tourism or eco-tourism. The access to the Fazenda is easy. It is 68km to the nearest airport (Ilheus) which is just half an hour flight from Salvador International airport. It is just 22km to the coast which enjoys paradise-like beaches for kilometer after kilometer. The region is already a very popular tourist destination. The potential is enormous.


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